Ski Dreams Safty ON piste

RESPECT - Do not endanger others.
CONTROL - Adapt the manner and speed of your skiing to your ability and to the general conditions on the mountain.
ROUTE - The skier/snowboarder in front has priority - leave enough space.
OVERTAKING - Leave plenty of space when overtaking a slower skier/snowboarder.
STARTING OUT - Always look in every direction before starting especially up hill.
STOPPING - Stop only at the edge of the piste or where you can be seen easily.
CLIMBING - Always keep to the side of the piste.
SIGNS - Obey all signs and markings - they are provided for you & everyone's safety.
ASSISTANCE - In case of accidents, provide help or alert the rescue services.
IDENTIFICATION - All those involved in an accident, including witnesses, should exchange names and contact addresses.

Ski Dreams Safty OFF piste

Each Off-piste skier is supplied with an avalanche transceiver and is instructed in its use and we strongly recommend that every skiers carries a backpack with a shovel and probe especially advanced & experts.
Our off-piste guides all have radios or phones for access to the local emergency services.
N.B. Your lift ticket or piste map also has the Security des Piste phone number to put in your phone.
Maximising your enjoyment while minimising the risk is our top priority while preserving the spirit, adventure and the quality of your skiing experience with us.
All our guides are experts at assessing and managing the balance between finding the best snow and keeping it safe. Your participation in acquiring avalanche awareness and basic off-piste safety skills is important in helping us to achieve this risk management balance. Safety and fun requires your participation.
Knowing you & knowing that you have an understanding of the basic rules and safety skills allows the whole group to get down to the business of good skiing right from the start of the day! We also recommend that you attend at least one basic avalanche awareness talk and an afternoon on-snow safety session.
This will both increase your enjoyment and safety of the whole group.
Have fun & be safe out there.